10 Straight Days of New All-Time Highs in Gas Prices Under Joe Biden -- Up 20 Cents in 10 Days

Gas prices reached ANOTHER all-time record high on Friday.

This was the 10th day in a row of new all-time record high gas prices.

Just one week ago on Tuesday — Only 10 days ago —    Gas prices first hit a new all-time high under Brandon at $4.37 per gallon of regular gasoline.

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Tuesday 5/10 … $4.37/gallon
Wednesday 5/11 … $4.40/gallon
Thursday 5/12 … $4.41/gallon
Friday 5/13 … $4.44/gallon
Monday 5/16 … $4.48/gallon
Tuesday 5/17 … $4.50/gallon
Wednesday 5/18 … $4.52/gallon
Thursday 5-19 … $4.57/gallon
Friday 5-20 … $4.59/gallon

Today’s all-time record is at $4.59 per gallon.  The price of gas is up over 20 cents in just one week. 

And every day is a new all-time record.

This is a national man-made catastrophe!

And, of course, the fake news mainstream media is completely ignoring this devastating crisis!

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