"21,000 Outside Trying to Get In!"

President Trump’s rally in Michigan Saturday night was huge. 

President Trump released a statement late last night sharing the size of the crowd both inside and outside President Trump’s event in Michigan.  He shared a couple of pictures of the crowd size and shared the following:

Great night in Michigan – with 7,000 inside and 21,000 outside trying to get in!


TRENDING: Brandon Telling Staffers He Wants the Justice Department to Prosecute Trump

President Trump continues to show that no politician in the United States is as popular as he is.  His followers know that the 202o Election was stolen from him and show it with the number of Americans who show up to his events across the country.

Some very evil people stole the 2020 Election and are now doing all they can to destroy this country.  We really have no idea who is running the country, but we all know it’s not Brandon who is too senile to do much of anything.

Yesterday, Brandon appeared to have fallen asleep while standing at a Navy event outdoors.  He’s in horrible shape.  He is not running this country.

Brandon Appears to Fall Asleep During Commissioning Ceremony for USS Delaware, Claims Michelle Obama was ‘Vice President’ (VIDEO)

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