28-Year-Old Deceased Nashville Shooter Identified- 'Audrey Hale" an Illustrator, Identifies as Transgender - Included Manifesto (PHOTOS)

The mass shooter who killed at least 6 people dead Nashville’s Covenant School Monday morning, including 3 children has been identified by police as Audrey Hale.

NBC News was the first to confirm the news.

The New York Post reported that Hale was a former student at Covenant School and online profile listed her as working in Commercial Illustration and Graphic Design.

Hale was shot dead by police at the elementary school at 10:57 AM.

The Gateway Pundit previously confirmed the mass shooter was a former student at the school.

The Brandon regime immediately responded to the horrific shooting by demanding gun control, including a ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

Hale is a biological female who identifies as male and uses he/him pronouns. As DC_Draino notes, Hale has some disturbing artwork.

Hale also was quoted on an art website saying “there is a child like part about me that loves to go run to the playground.”

Independent journalist Andy Ngo notes that the Nashville shooting amongst a surge in radical-left death threats in Tennessee over the state banning minors from medically transitioning.

Story to disappear from the corporate media in 3..2..1.

The police confirmed Audrey was transgender and had a manifesto.

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