79-Year-Old Joe Biden Calls an Early Lid and Misses the G20 Leaders Dinner (VIDEO)

Following reports that the former vice president was seen coughing and not feeling well on Monday, Brandon did not attend the G20 leaders’ dinner on Tuesday evening.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy reported live from Indonesia that Brandon was missing the G20 leaders’ dinner and that he was unsure what was going on with the President.

“Breaking news would be that President Brandon is missing the G20 leaders’ dinner. He is supposed to be at a supper right now, 8:10 in the evening here in Bali, Indonesia, with everybody that flew in. If you’re the US president, you spent basically two days flying to get here for a dinner like this,” Doocy reported.

“Yesterday, we did hear President Brandon tell us that he had a cold and he has tested negative for COVID, despite the Cambodian leader from our last stop being positive now. But we do not know exactly what is going on with the President. They called an early lid. So we will keep you posted on what exactly is going on,” he continued.

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Watch the video below:

Recalled, Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia canceled his remaining meetings at the G20 Summit in Indonesia and returned home early Tuesday due to a positive COVID-19 test.

Hun Sen, the current chairman of ASEAN, said his symptoms were mild, but he was concerned because many of the leaders at the G20 in Bali had also been at the ASEAN and the East Asia Summits he hosted in Cambodia, which concluded on Sunday, Reuters reported.

“This is my biggest concern,” he said. “Among those, the Indonesian president, who is the next rotating chair of ASEAN, was always with me.”

“Besides him, there are some other leaders who were close with me, shook hands, and traveled together, including the U.S. president, who sat together at dinner and traveled together,” he added.

On Saturday night, Brandon sat next to Mr. Sen during a lengthy dinner. They were close to each other during bilateral meetings and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) conference earlier in the day, per Telegraph.

Though he had close contact with the Cambodian prime minister who tested positive for Covid, the White House claims that Brandon does not have Covid.

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