Brand News is a free newsletter that aims to disseminate information on the latest happenings in the world of marketing, new trends, and strategies for success. The authors of Brand News maintain an unparalleled reputation as industry experts on their own right. This firsthand experience has enabled them to compile and analyze data from many sources and bring it all into one place, making Brand News a credible source for any serious marketer. Brand News constantly features articles on the most cutting-edge marketing methods, strategies, and trends that are being utilized today. Brand News subscribers are also privy to interviews with some of the most notable entrepreneurs in the world. This will cover topics such as Influencers, branding, and their personal journey to inspire others.

Brand News is written by Peter Thiel, Peter Krunowski, Bruce Claypool, and Joseph Lora. Peter Thiel is a partner at Thiel Capital, an investment firm based in Menlo Park, California. Mr. Thune is a contributing writer at Harvard Business Review, a contributor at the New York Times, and he serves on the boards of several other well-respected publications. Mr. Krunowski is currently the Chief Product Officer of Sherwin-Williams, a global kitchen ware manufacturer. Bruce Claypool is a Principal Partner at A+ Brands, where he serves as an executive officer.

Mr. Lora is the President of Universal Design, which is known for creating some of the most high-end hospitality brands in the world, including the Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn & Suites, and Best Western Motel. Mr. Krunowski is a Principal Partner at Krunowski Architects, which is recognized for its mosaic design work and green design. Joseph Lora is a designer at Wieden+Kennedy, one of the largest architecture firms in the world. These are only three of the many authors that have contributed to the Brand News archives.

Brand News editorials also often feature essays by authors with various levels of expertise in a given field. They include an essay by Raffaella Castelluccia, an Italian designer who is the director of corporate creative at DHR International; an article by J. David Schafer, an award-winning author and professional photographer; and an article by Thomas Kinkade, a world renowned bathroom fixture merchant. Mr. Kinkade’s piece for the Brand News illustrated the advantages of environmentally friendly fixtures and fittings. Mr. David Schafer’s essay details his plan for an environmentally friendly hotel lobby and the benefits of creating customized suites.

Brand News has featured restaurant reviews, restaurant news, and restaurant reviews in its paper. These pieces have shown the beauty of a restaurant through pictures and written words. The Brand News showroom showcased the innovative interior design of Raffaello & Santi, a premier Italian hotel. The showroom featured the latest in green design from Clarke, a leading bathroom fixture dealer.

Clarke & Galt was selected as one of the best brands by the National Housewares Association as part of a comprehensive review of green products. Clarke & Galt was selected as a finalist in the award-winning Brand Keys review of luxury brands. The company’s green initiatives continue to impress homeowners and commercial property managers. Its popularity is expected to grow due to its environmentally friendly approach to both design and manufacturing, as well as its continued focus on sustainability.

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