A SOROS-BACKED COUP: DA Alvin Bragg, DA Chief Assistant Meg Reiss, and others Worked with the John Jay Institute for Innovation in Prosecution Funded by Soros - Bragg Attended Its Conference While Investigating Trump | The Gateway Pundit

Last week the corrupt Soros-backed DA from New York City announced his office was going to indict President Trump on BS crimes.  The country was livid with this continued weaponization of the courts used against President Trump and his supporters.

Then a no-name NBC writer came out and claimed that Soros never met with or spoke with DA Alvin Bragg.  He used this as his rationale to lie and insist that Bragg was not Soros supported.

“Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Ron DeSantis have all claimed Alvin Bragg is “Soros-backed” or aligned since the news of the indictment dropped. In reality, Soros has “has never met or spoken to Alvin Bragg,” according to a CNBC story from last week,” NBC’s Ben Collins wrote.

But it was all BS. Soros backed most the corrupt and anti-law DA’s across the country. This is not unique to New York. This is taking place across the nation.

Glenn Kessler, the editor and chief writer of Washington Post’s Fact Checker, was fact-checked on Twitter.

“Soros donated $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, the largest individual donation it received in the 2022 election cycle, days after it endorsed Bragg for district attorney and pledged more than $1 million in spending to support his candidacy.”

Sadly for Kessler, the Washington Post who he writes for confirmed in 2019 the Soros was pumping money into Bragg’s race. Maybe he should read his own paper sometime?

Now this… New information was revealed by Twitter user “Bad Kitty Unleashed” (@pepesgrandma) on Bragg’s history with Soros entities.

Alvin Bragg worked with the John Jay Institute for Innovation in Prosecution.  The group is also funded by Soros and Soros staffers were also members of the institute.

Other members include:

Open society staffers:

  • Meg Reiss, DA heading the case.
  • Ronald L. Davis, Director US Marshall’s nominated by Brandon
  • Cyrus Vance, Prev Dir
  • Roy L Austin, Brandon transition team

John Jay is funded by:

  • Atlantic Philanthropies
  • Soros Open Society
  • Ford Foundation
  • The Tides Foundation and more!

Read the thread below:

“Here is the official document that backs up that Alvin Bragg, and his DA heading the Trump case, Mag Reiss, plus others, have all worked together with Soros staffers for the Soros funded, John Jay College and their Institute for Innovation in Prosecution.”

“This here lists the Funders for John Jay College who ran the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution program that Alvin Bragg and Meg Reiss worked alongside Open Society members with.”

“Also recall that the Obama Whitehouse also worked with the John Jay College’s Institute for Innovation in Prosecution. I can at least confirm the Meg Reiss, the DA assigned to the Trump case participated at the roundtable at the Obama White House.”

“Alvin Bragg was part of a 2-day event for the John Jay – Institute for Innovation in Prosecution. This was in Oct 2022, and all while he was investigating Trump! And they deleted the main page! I found it on Facebook!”

Alvin Bragg was on Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez’s 2020 justice overhaul committee with folks from:

  • Open Society
  • Ford Foundation
  • Brennan Center
  • National Organization for Women
  • Plus more

It appears Alvin Bragg’s connections to Soros entities are more extensive than we thought.

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