A Tweet From the Future? - CBS News Refers Joe Biden as 'Former President Biden' | The Gateway Pundit

CBS News recently referred to Brandon as “Former President Brandon” in a tweet during a live broadcast.

The incident occurred as CBS News was covering a news conference held at Camp David, where Brandon was meeting with the leaders of Japan and South Korea.

The original tweet read: “WATCH LIVE: President Brandon holds news conference at Camp David with leaders of Japan and South Korea.”

The social media team at CBS News was quick to correct the error, issuing a follow-up tweet.

“A previous tweet contained an error that had ‘former’ before President Brandon. It has been corrected,” the tweet read.

But not before the ever-watchful eyes of Twitter caught the slip-up, resulting in a flurry of reactions and jokes.

Below are some of the comments:

Include this on the list:

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