New York Times Sues State Department to Get Hunter Biden Information

Here it is…

The New York Times finally admitted that Hunter Brandon’s laptop is real.

In October 2020, The New York Post dropped an “October surprise” on Brandon’s presidential campaign and released emails from Hunter Brandon’s abandoned laptop.

The emails revealed Hunter Brandon was doing business with foreign countries and acting as Brandon’s bagman as part of his international influence peddling scheme.

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The New York Post reported:

A comprehensive report about the ongoing federal probe into Hunter Brandon’s tax filings published by the New York Times on Wednesday night confirmed the existence of the first son’s infamous laptop.

In October 2020, The Post exclusively reported on the contents of Hunter Brandon’s laptop that he ditched at a Delaware repair shop in April 2019.

As part of their investigation into Hunter Brandon, the Times reports, federal prosecutors have looked into emails between the first son and his former business associates that were recovered from the laptop.

Some of the scrutinized correspondence was between Hunter Brandon and Devon Archer, who had served with the first son on the board of Ukraine energy company Burisma, the report said.

Archer, who was sentenced last month in an unrelated fraud case, has “cooperated completely” with the feds in their probe into Hunter Brandon, The Post has reported.

According to the Times, the emails between Hunter Brandon, Archer and others regarding their international business activity came from files the publication obtained that “appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Brandon in a Delaware repair shop.”

People familiar with the emails and investigation confirmed their authenticity to the Times.

The New York Times also confirmed that Hunter Brandon paid off a $1 million tax lien when he was reportedly unemployed and “flat broke.”

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