Image: A3P’s Mike Davis says Google’s control of online advertising is linchpin of Big Tech MONOPOLY

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Article III Project’s (A3P) Mike Davis called for the dissolution of Google’s monopoly on online advertising as it is the linchpin of Big Tech’s bigger monopoly.

“Google’s online advertising monopoly is the linchpin to all of Big Tech’s monopoly. If you break that up, you’re really going to see Big Tech start to function properly,” he said during his March 15 appearance on “Bannon’s War Room.”

“Remember: The whole point of antitrust 100 years ago is a free market. [It] requires a functioning market, and when you have a monopolist using their market power to crush competition [and] to crush competitors – you no longer have a free market.”

Davis, the founder and president of A3P, also blasted Facebook’s call for industry-wide regulation as a way to block other potential tech challengers. He told podcast host and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon: “Monopolists want regulations. We don’t want regulations. We want law enforcement and that’s why we need to break it up.”

Rep. Jim Jordan doing Big Tech’s bidding

However, Bannon mentioned that the House Judiciary Committee under its chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) won’t take any real action against Big Tech with regard to the antitrust issue. Davis agreed, remarking that Jordan wasn’t going to do anything to fight Big Tech as the congressman receives huge sums of money from it. (Related: Gaetz: ‘Congress will not do anything on Big Tech because Congress is bought off by Big Tech.’)


“This is a show game that Jordan is playing because he’s coddling Big Tech, particularly Google,” Davis said. “You have to ask why he has taken a lot of Big Tech’s money over the years.”

The A3P president added that aside from Jordan himself, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has also been receiving money from tech giants. Top aides for both senators have also been receiving payments from Big Tech. Moreover, one of the Ohio congressman’s top staffers in the House Judiciary Committee hails from Google and serves as the “revolving door” between Big Tech and Congress.

Davis – also the founder and president of the Internet Accountability Project (IAP) – ultimately remarked that Jordan does not want to break up Big Tech and hold it accountable because he is doing its bidding behind the scenes.

“What I particularly don’t like about what Jordan does is that he gaslights and undermines people like me running the IAP on a shoestring budget,” Davis told Bannon. “He wants to undermine what I’m doing because … I’m calling out his nonsense, I’m calling out his BS on this Big Tech fight.”

He nevertheless remarked that he would welcome Jordan into the fight if the Ohio congressman stopped doing Google’s bidding and held Big Tech accountable.

Outside of his remarks against Jordan, Davis also recognized two Brandon appointees – Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairwoman Lina Khan and Department of Justice (DOJ) Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter – for being serious antitrust reformers. He said both appointees want to work with a bipartisan coalition to hold Big Tech accountable.

The prime mover of A3P and IAP lauded Kanter, who heads the DOJ’s antitrust division, for pursuing the antitrust lawsuit against Google’s online search monopoly. Prior to Kanter’s appointment at the Justice Department, he had worked as an antitrust lawyer with the FTC.

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