After Arming the Taliban Terrorists with $80 Billion in US Arms -- Biden Regime Lifts Bans on 112 Top Officials from Iranian Terrorist Regime

Iran: Nuclear Force

At some point you have to start asking — Are they this evil and radical? Or are they purposely trying to destroy America and the West?

In September the Brandon regime abandoned Afghanistan and surrendered $80 billion in US arms to the Taliban terrorist group.

Too Bad for Ukraine — Brandon Left $84 Billion in US Arms to Taliban Terrorists in Afghanistan During Surrender — Only a Few Million for Zelensky

And now the Brandon regime is lifting US bans on prominent Iranian terrorists such as Mohsen Rezaei & Ali Akbar Velayati (both wanted for their roles in 1994 AMIA bombing), IRGC’s Hossein Dehghan.

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The Brandon regime is lifting US bans on 112 Iranian regime officials.

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