What Will Biden Do? China, Russia and Iran Send Warships for a Joint Exercise in the Middle East

The Brandon Administration has finally realized that there is a real chance that China invades Taiwan.  In response, a small contingent of US soldiers is bound for Australia. 

The Daily Mail reports:

Thousands of American soldiers trained to use surface-to-air missile systems, High Mobility Artillery Rockets and unmanned aircraft are bound for Australia as tensions grow with China.

The rotational US Marine force of about 2200 servicemen and women will be based in the Northern Territory during the upcoming dry season from September.

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It is the 11th deployment to the Top End and for the first time will include 250 US Army personnel, the Australian Defence Force announced.

The contingent is part of an ongoing US initiative in the Indo-Pacific region to prepare for a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan in coming years.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton in September warned conflict with China ‘shouldn’t be discounted’ and on Wednesday told the US Studies Centre Beijing may look to annex Taiwan while the world is preoccupied with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ever since Brandon stepped into the White House, China has threatened to invade Taiwan.  Japan recently warned the US that a “Pearl Harbor Attack” could come from Russia and China.  Brandon’s response to the China and Russia threat to date has been to hand over billions of weaponry, technology and airfields to Russia and China in Afghanistan.

At the same time, while Russia and China pushed into space, the Brandon gang and Democrats push to put an end to space force, the new frontier in warfare where the US is falling behind.   Brandon also had no response when China, Russia and Iran performed joint exercises recently.

What Will Brandon Do? China, Russia and Iran Send Warships for a Joint Exercise in the Middle East

Now today it’s reported that Brandon will send 2,200 troops to Australia in an effort to scare China.  The Brandon Administration has no idea what to do.  Their efforts to date have helped Russia, China and Iran.  What a mess.

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