AMERICA UNDER ATTACK: Biden Regime Uses AI to Spy on Americans | The Gateway Pundit

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America has been taken over by a gang of America haters who want to destroy this great nation. 

Each day, we learn and uncover more and more actions taken by this government against its people.  All of this was designed and directed towards good Americans by the Obama regime.

The open border allowing anyone (mostly men of military age) into the US is a huge risk and effort to destroy America.  This isn’t about gaining names of voters, this is about putting in place a Trojan horse time bomb ready to destroy America.

How Many Military Age Men Does It Take to Put In Place a Modern Day Trojan Horse in the United States?

The devastation of the economy and massive US debt are actions taken to steal the prosperity from good Americans.

The unconstitutional and criminal actions taken by the DOJ and FBI show that they are as bad today as the most ruthless villains in the Nazi and Communist regimes.  They lie and spy on President Trump and now attempt to put him in prison on BS charges in BS courts.

The courts are now led by corrupt judges who rule based on politics and not the law.

The elections are now stolen with machines, people and processes in place to ensure the regime wins all the important races.

The unconstitutional infringement on free speech now paid for by our government is another attack by communists dictating their will on the country.

More on this was revealed this week.

Conservative Treehouse mentions:

I find it very interesting the DHS memo was issued on August 8th, but only published for the general public yesterday.  July and August were when I first identified AI spider crawls were already underway.  Pay very, very close attention to the two underlined words in the following paragraph: (see below)

Take out the word “improper” and the admission is, DHS uses AI to profile, target and discriminate.  In the second sentence, DHS currently participates in systemic, indiscriminate and/or large-scale monitoring, surveillance, or tracking of individuals.  The only thing those sentences in the paragraph say, is that DHS will not allow AI to create improper outcomes within a system they outline that already exists.

Stop and reread that last sentence as much as needed.  In as much as this DHS guidance is telling us the rules for Homeland Security (DHS) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) as they use AI, they are also outlining what current processes of surveillance would be enhanced by it.

Lord please save us and give us the courage and strength to stop the criminals, crooks, and communists who have taken over America. 

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