Boom! Jim Jordan Reveals He Has Evidence Connecting the Biden Campaign to the Bogus Letter Which Called Hunter's Laptop Russian Disinformation | The Gateway Pundit

Former CIA Moscow station chief revealed he was asked to sign on to Mike Morell’s bullsh*t statement in October 2020 that the Hunter Brandon laptop was a Russian operation.

Intel officer Daniel Hoffman, a FOX News contributor, did not sign the letter from Morell that was completely made up.

Hoffman was allegedly presented with the letter but refused to sign it. Ultimately 51 intel officials signed, which asserted Hunter Brandon’s laptop left at a Wilmington repair shop had hallmarks of a “Russian information operation.”

We now know the Brandon campaign, Tony Blinken, and Mike Morell were behind the intel letter. They knew the content of the letter was complete BS but ran with it anyway and purposely lied to the American public.

They hold no remorse for their lies to this day.

FOX News reported:

Daniel Hoffman told Fox News he was presented with the letter on October 18, 2020, and was asked to add his signature.

“[A]t first glance, it seemed natural to lay the blame at the Kremlin’s doorstep, “Hoffman said. “Remember, Vladimir Putin is in the Kremlin and he’s well-known for cloak-and-dagger espionage operations. But at the same time, there was no evidence. And the letter noted there was no evidence.”

Hoffman called the storyline presented a “convoluted” one for which agencies with forensic investigation abilities like the FBI should have done their diligence before he would sign it.

“It was not up to us to speculate. So I didn’t sign the letter. I typically don’t put my name to other people’s words,” he said.

In that regard, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan recently revealed that former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell testified before his panel that now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken was the “impetus” behind the letter, which Morell and 50 others signed.


Brandon Camp Called Mike Morell After Debate with Trump to Thank Him for Creating Bogus Letter on Hunter Laptop Signed by 51 Intel Operatives and Lying to American Public

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