Angry Maui Fire Survivors Let Loose With Middle Fingers and F-Bombs at Joe Biden as Motorcade Passes (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Video reposted by Fox News reporter Will Cain (who owns property in Maui) shows a group of angry Maui fire survivors giving the middle finger and hurling f-bombs at Brandon as his motorcade passed by. It is just one of many hostile receptions given Brandon after he took two vacations and repeatedly said “no comment” before finally visiting the fire ravaged Hawaiian island after nearly two weeks.

“People keep asking me what the attitude is of people in Maui toward Brandon. I’ve heard numerous times today about the traffic and how locked down the island is before his arrival. There’s also some “disappointment” about how long it took him to come as evidenced by this video.”

“btw – I get that those two feelings are hard to reconcile. But I’d say it’s a smaller contradiction to try to reconcile than our support for Ukraine versus Maui. Whatever the case, this is how people feel. Video I believe is from @TonysSupply as seen on @hhhnewz on IG.”

The Daily Signal’s Tony Kinnett on the ground in Maui reported on residents’ reaction to Brandon, “Y’all have no idea how LIVID the locals on Maui are to this. I’m learning new, descriptive swear words…Will try to get a few short interviews from locals about this as quickly as possible. My God. That comment about “almost losing the ’67 Corvette” had one man about to throw his chair.”

Rebel News reporter Lincoln Jay posted video with an interview of a lone resident flipping off Brandon.

Jay also posted a photo of a house with “No comment…and no ice cream” spray-painted in white letters:

Video posted by Jeffrey Loffredo shows a handful of supporters showed up to greet Brandon on Maui.

Jill Brandon can seen waving as the presidential SUV passes by, indicating that Joe was on the side facing the angry residents.

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