Armed Suspected Cartel Members Seen Entering Texas From Mexico Escaped Capture by Border Patrol | The Gateway Pundit

Armed suspected cartels members were seen on camera entering Texas from Mexico on Saturday but escaped capture by Border Patrol. The incursion follows several reported incidents of armed cartel members at the border, including a smuggler carrying a rifle as he transported migrants across the Rio Grande last week and an armed group captured in June at the same location as those who recently escaped.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted photos from Fronton, Texas showing three suspected cartel members, “NEW: Per law enforcement source, a group of suspected cartel gunmen armed with rifles & body armor were seen on cameras crossing illegally into the Fronton, TX area in the RGV Saturday night. Elite Border Patrol BORTAC agents were called out & searched area, but found nobody.”

Melugin pointed out a group of armed cartel members was arrested in June at the the same location, “Per fed & TX law enforcement sources, multiple times this week, suspected members of the Northeast Cartel, armed w/ rifles, crossed into the US in the Fronton, TX area in the RGV. 5 arrested yesterday via Border Patrol, @TxDPS, & @TXMilitary. Others seen on cam. Pics: TX DPS”

Video report by Melugin includes report on armed human smuggler from last week:

Rep. Chip (R-TX) is furious at the Brandon administration:

Texas DPS spoke with Fox News about the armed cartel members at the border:

Brandon was in Arizona today. He did not visit the border. He visited the Grand Canyon and blocked off land from uranium mining with a national monument designation.

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