As financial terrorists economically rape Americans, panic internet searches for “live off grid” skyrocket –

As financial terrorists economically rape Americans, panic internet searches for “live off grid” skyrocket

The search term “live off grid” has reached the highest number of hits in internet searches in five years as increasingly more Americans realize they are screwed due to the financial terrorism of their overlords.

American housing is now so obscenely expensive, and the country is in such shambles, that more Americans than perhaps ever before are trying to flee the globalist plantation while there is still time.

The regimes of both Democrat and Republican dating back many decades have all printed money endlessly, which has so diluted the value of U.S. fiat dollars that a whole truckload of Federal Reserve paper is barely enough to buy groceries anymore, let alone a house.

Depending on the media source, both sides of the political aisle are blaming each other for this mess, but the truth is that both sides are responsible for creating it in the first place.

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America has become a third world DUMP, minus the culture

A mass exodus of the well-to-do from the cities to rural areas already occurred during the first Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic.” Now, many more are signing up to do the same as the Brandon regime readies to unleash a second COVID “pandemic” starting this fall.

What will become of America’s major cities in the process? Expect a lot more rioting, looting, and spray-painting of anti-white, pro-black messaging, along with rampant violent crime, escalating public drug use, and the loss of America’s economy.

The off-the-grid sector of the economy is booming, though, all things considered. The RV Industry Association put out several reports this year stating that parked mobile home shipments are surging on a monthly basis compared to the same time last year.

As more Americans discover they cannot afford to buy a real house, many are turning to vans, shipping containers, and cardboard boxes – whatever they can find, wherever they can find to put it.

Home improvement stores are also now selling things like the “Getaway Pad,” a 540-square-foot one-bedroom “tiny home steel frame building kit” that sells for a cool $43,832.00.

This is a lot of money for some steel and a pad, but it is a lot less money than your average dump in a typical American city. The answer is thus an easy one for those with only so much money to spend.

“Just leave the country,” one commenter on a story about all this suggested to those who have the means to do so. “It gets way more affordable, and way more peaceful.”

“One hundred years ago, it was easier to flee when people saw things getting bad,” rebutted another about how things have changed. “There are no more real bastions left. Maybe a few pockets left, but the world got small really quickly.”

Others spoke about how even formerly “free” areas of the United States are becoming tyrannical hellholes, especially the ones that have been targeted by the globalists for conversion into so-called “15-minute cities.”

“Methinks the government and the ‘wildfires’ that are going on are linked to force people to live in 15-minute cities,” one suggested about all the chaos that is currently taking place, including in West Maui.

“You are not safe just because you live in a ‘red’ state,” wrote another. “Yes, it might be a little better for now, but the capitals get taken over by communists and proceed to pass leftist laws that end up destroying the rest of the state and its people in time.”

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