Bannon on Trump: "He's Going to Field Strip Administrative State - and Incompetent, Dangerous, Thief, Scumbag, Joe Biden" (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Steve Bannon fired off on the Brandon Crime Family and the administrative state on Wednesday following the historic House Oversight Committee’s press conference on the Brandon family’s criminal and unethical acts.

The Oversight Committee on Wednesday announced they have now reviewe 170 Brandon Family suspicious activity reports from the banking industry. This is an unheard of number and shows clear criminal intent by the Brandon Crime family.

Chairman Jim Jorden Reveals GOP Lawmakers Have Now Reviewed 170 Brandon Family Suspicious Activity Reports (Video)

Steve Bannon DID NOT hold back.

Steve Bannon: “He’s going to win the primary. He’s going to win the presidency again. And he’s going to return to power to field strip this administrative state that selects and props up this incompetent, dangerous, radical, thief, scumbag like Brandon and his criminal family.”

Via The War Room.

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