"Be Careful What You Wish For!" - President Trump Warns Democrats and DC Elites What Waits for Them When He Wins Again | The Gateway Pundit

President Trump warned Democrats what may await them when he wins the next election.

After everything they have thrown at him, Trump warned the Marxist DC elites, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Via Trump on Truth.

Brandon and Democrats have indicted President Trump 91 times on garbage charges – a historic abuse of the US legal system in an attempt to jail the opposition party leader.

With each arrest President Trump has become more popular with his base and the American public.

The Democrats have destroyed our borders, our military, our standing in the international community, our dollar dominance, our economy, our culture, our traditions, our laws, our energy sector, our oil reserves, our middle class, and have managed to rob us of our God-given freedoms.

Here are the list of bogus politicized indictments against President Trump by the current regime.
Via Wikipedia.

Federal indictments[edit]

State indictments[edit]

The Marxists have destroyed our country. When Trump is elected, if he does not break up the DC criminal cartel then shame on him.

Democrats are right to be worried.

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