BEAUTIFUL! Student Confronts Fake News Purveyor Brian Stelter from CNN at Disinfo Conference AND IT'S GLORIOUS! (VIDEO)

The fake news joined together at The Atlantic’s DisInfo 2022 Conference this week in Chicago.

The conference included speeches by such purveyors of truthas:
** Barack Obama — behind the Russia collusion hoax and you can keep your doctor lie
** Jeffrey Goldberg behind the unsourced Trump called military heroes “dumbasses” lie
** Anne Applebaum, a deep state propagandist behind the Trump-Russia collusion lie

On Thursday afternoon CNN’s Brian Stelter sat on a panel with Trump-hating thumbsucker Stephen Hayes and others to discuss how media platforms shape consumer realities.

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That’s when student Christopher Phillips destroyed Stelter and CNN with a list of fake news stories the channel pushed on the American public for the past 5 years. The list included the Russia-Collusion hoax, the Jussie Smollett hoax, the Nick Sandmann smears, and the Hunter Brandon laptop denial.

On every major story in the past 5 years CNN and the mainstream news have landed on the wrong side every time. And now they want to lecture the masses on fake news. Unreal.

This was amazing.

Via Citizen Free Press.

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