BIDEN ECONOMY: ADB Jobs Numbers Released and They're Horrible

The Brandon economy is a mess and it’s getting worse.  Now even the far-left media can’t hide the mess. 

Why would any union member vote for Brandon?

Today’s job numbers from ADP were horrible.

The brakes came on abruptly for the private job market in November.

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…Companies added just 127,000 positions for the month, a steep reduction from the 239,000 the firm reported for October and well below the Dow Jones estimate for 190,000. It also was the lowest total since January 2021.

This doesn’t bode well for either the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies attempting to stem inflation and stave off a deep recession, nor encouraging for the job market going forward. The big number to take from the ADP report?

100,00 manufacturing jobs gone

Zerohedge also commented on these numbers:

The bigger problem is that this is not the end of this.  It may be the beginning. 

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