BIDEN ECONOMY: "He Doesn't Seem to Care One Wit About Economic Growth and Disparity"

Larry Kudlow on FOX Business discussed Brandon’s economy and how it ignores prosperity and inflation.  

Kudlow on FOX Business discussed Brandon’s economy.  Ummm…it’s a mess.

Kudlow shared on Brandon’s recent economic report.  Brandon’s report mentions gender 40 more times than inflation.  The report mentions inequality 147 times and gender 127 times.  But inflation is not mentioned in the introduction to the report even once.

Brandon’s inflation is around $5,200 for the typical American family.  Kudlow shares:

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This Administration does not care one wit about economic growth and prosperity.  For them tax policy is about punishing success, redistributing income, confiscating wealth…The rich have to pay their fair share under Brandon…Now this woke Administration has published a woke budget with a woke economic policy.

See the rest in the video below:





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