Bidens Puts Stockings on Fire Place for All Six of His Grandkids

The Bidens showed their Christmas trees and stockings hanging from the fireplace – one each for each grandchild.  The problem is there were only six stockings.  They forgot someone.

What a shame, one of the Brandon’s grandchildren is missing from their list of grandchildren with stockings ready for Christmas.  The Brandon’s forgot one of Hunter’s children.

Yesterday the Bidens showed off their Christmas trees and their stockings over the fireplace – one each for each grandchild.

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The problem is the Bidens have seven grandchildren, not six.  The Western Journal reports:

According to Marie Claire, Brandon has three granddaughters from his son Hunter: Naomi, Finnegan and Maisy.

He has two more grandchildren from his late son, Beau: Natalie and Robert, who goes by Hunter after his uncle.

And another:

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