Big Media Joins Forces to Give the US, Germany and the West a Way Out of Ukraine

Reports yesterday that a group of Ukrainians were responsible for the sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline provide the West a way out of the conflict in Ukraine.  Is this why it was created and reported?

Yesterday, TGP reported on the story that came out the day before that blamed Ukraine for the sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Europe.  The New York Times and other publications all came out with the preposterous story on Tuesday.

Oh Please: Pro-Brandon Media Claim Someone Blew up Nord Stream, We Don’t Know Who, But it Sure Wasn’t Brandon

Today, it looks like the reports were created to provide a way out of the Ukraine War with Russia.

One series of tweets lays this out and it makes sense.

Last week the leader of Germany went to the White House.  They have an incentive to use the bogus narrative that Ukraine blew up Nord Stream 2 because it allows them to walk away from the Ukraine War.  Only a few days after Scholtz’s visit, the story was released.

This story does give the Germans and the US an excuse to pull out of Ukraine.

We’ll have to see if the US, Germany and the West use this as a means to get out of the war in Ukraine that has waning support from the people in the US and was never adequately explained in the first place.

Brandon does need a way out of being blamed for the Nord Stream 2 sabotage and a way out of the Ukraine War.  Maybe this is it.  Or he can continue to do all he can to get the US in a nuclear war with Russia.  

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