Big Tech and U.S. government using AI to CENSOR POSTS on social media that counter their fake narratives –

Big Tech and U.S. government using AI to CENSOR POSTS on social media that counter their fake narratives

From ChatGPT undermining the American education system to voice-cloning scammers stealing hundreds of thousands from unsuspecting victims, we have witnessed the destructive power of artificial intelligence. But what’s even more concerning is how governments have weaponized AI to push their controlling agendas.

Recently the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), by way of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has given millions of dollars to an AI tech company in exchange for software that can detect sentiment and emotion in social media posts. The company, Fivecast, claims the software uses AI to determine problematic posts and automatically report them to law enforcement. Other aspects of Fivecast’s AI software include object recognition and multi-language risk term and phrase recognition.

Fivecast is an Australian company founded in 2017 whose technology, according to its mission statement, is “used and trusted by leading defense, national security, law enforcement, corporate security and financial intelligence organizations around the world.” Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States are the five countries Fivecast works intimately with. So intimately that they have dubbed the group the “Five Eyes Alliance.”

Counter-Disinformation Unit to monitor and censor individuals challenging lockdown policies and vaccine fanaticism

One Five Eyes Alliance member, the United Kingdom, starting in the early days of the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns and lasting all throughout the “pandemic,” used AI technology to identify “stay at home” order dissenters on social media. A recent report published by The Telegraph showed that the UK government formed a Counter-Disinformation Unit to monitor and censor individuals challenging lockdown policies and vaccine promotion.

It is fair to be suspicious that other members of the so-called alliance were also employing the same technology to monitor their own countries’ dissenters. They just may have done a better job at covering up their censorship operations.

Allowing government censorship of this magnitude is a critical threat to the first amendment rights provided to lawful US citizens. Not only can your comments be wrongfully censored for questioning and challenging the agendas of hidden authoritarian powers, but the newly implemented AI technology will target you for simply expressing a negative emotion. Don’t use a frown emoji or your account could be banned!

The first amendment protects nearly all speech if it does not incite violent or unlawful conduct. You have the protected right to share a dissenting opinion online regarding a government policy. You also have the protected right to engage in digital discourse about medical choices and opinions. In both these cases it’s possible that your speech will become emotionally driven. What becomes a blatant first amendment violation is the government censoring your comments due to the alleged emotion behind it.

One thing is for certain: AI is here to stay, and global governments are using it. We are already seeing individuals have the comments censored purely based on AI deeming their tone “problematic.” It may not be long before AI manufactured evidence is used to convict someone in a court of law.

Big Brother Watch campaign group spokesperson said of the CCP-AI system, “The very concept of ‘wrong information’ dictated by a central authority is open to abuse and should be considered far more critically, lest we mirror Chinese-style censorship.” The Brandon Regime is currently bent over a barrel, doing everything to turn America into a Communist country. Anyone who can’t see it is in for a rude awakening.

Be sure to bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about abortions, suicide and mental health horror stories that are being censored from mass media while you read this.

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