'It Was So Easy to Get Into the US': Migrants Waltz Through Border Gates Welded Open by Biden Administration | The Gateway Pundit

NewsNation reporter Ali Bradley posted on Tuesday that the Border Patrol is being overwhelmed with illegal aliens such that they cannot patrol the border because of having to process and care for so many migrants.

Migrants enter U.S. near Lukeville, Arizona after passing through flood gates welded open by the Brandon administration, screen image via New York Post/YouTube, August 21, 2023

“#BREAKING DHS sources confirm there are more than 20k migrants in CBP custody right now—Most of the sectors are exceeding capacity—The El Paso Sector is leading with more than 4,500 people in facilities there. The last time we saw capacity numbers this high was the week leading up to the end of #Title42 which many deemed crisis levels—And resources were surged to the border. Agents in the Tucson Sector say they are absolutely overwhelmed and cannot patrol the border because they are busy transporting/processing hundreds of people— 1,454 crossed yesterday—Sources say a group of 400+ migrants crossed this morning in Lukeville, Arizona.”

Lukeville is where the Brandon administration recently welded open flood gates in President Trump’s border wall, allowing illegal aliens to flood into the U.S.

Real America’s Voice reporter Anthony Aguero reported this weekend from Lukeville, Arizona on the hundreds of illegal aliens being allowed in each day by the Brandon administration, “Lukeville, Arizona international port of entry looks like a county jail house with inmates. All military age males from Congo, Egypt, India, Brazil, Ecuador and Guatemala just to name a few. Very few women. They’re importing an army. If you find value in my work please consider going to http://GiveSendGo.com/BorderFight. The money goes straight in to the gas tank to help us continue to expose what’s truly happening. I don’t just tell you stories or regurgitate other people’s experiences as my own, I’m actually boots on the ground bringing you the truth.”

Texas and Border Patrol officials report 250 stash houses with over 3,200 illegal aliens have been found just this year in the El Paso sector:

One stash house found this month had no running water or air conditioning:

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