Border Patrol Readies for MASS INVASION as Joe Biden Opens Southern Border and Lifts Title 42 in 9 More Days - 1,500 Troops Sent to Border | The Gateway Pundit

The US Border Patrol is readying for the largest illegal migrant surge at the southern border in US history next week.

Brandon is lifting Title 42 – Already, 700,000 to One Million illegals have assembled at the border ready to surge across the US southern border. Brandon has opened the borders to millions of illegal invaders.

Title 42 is expected to be lifted on May 10th.

22,000 apprehensions were recorded at the border in the last 72 hours.

Brandon is sending 1,500 US troops to the border to process the hundreds of thousands of illegals ready to invade.

The New York Post reported:

President Brandon will send 1,500 US soldiers to the US-Mexico border in anticipation of the end of Title 42, the public health policy that has allowed authorities to turn back millions of asylum seekers.

The active-duty Army units will aid Border Patrol agents in stemming the expected tide of tens of thousands of migrants at the US-Mexico border when Title 42 ends May 11. The deployment was first reported by Fox News.

The service members would be armed but only permitted to use their weapons for self-defense.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Over the last week, the Border Patrol has recorded tens of thousands of migrants crossing the southern border illegally as the policy’s enforcement period winds down.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said Monday that in the three days prior, agents had made 22,220 apprehensions, including two sex offenders, one convicted murderer and one gang member.

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