Brand News has become an important part of many business owners social media networking activities. Brand News brings to light the personal links and experiences of top marketers, most popular entrepreneurs, celebrity supporters, influential media outlets and mentors. Brand News features insightful content from leading industry insiders that will explore the keys to building a successful branding strategy that attracts customers and drives sales. Brand News will cover topical issues covering social media influencers, branding experts, and the personal journey of top marketers to influence others.

Green Design: Green design will feature stories from leading companies and designers who will share their visions and strategies on implementing green design in their own shops or facilities. They will provide inspiring ideas on how to build a functional, sustainable workplace that is easy to care for while still remaining stylish and appealing to target market. Brand News will also explore innovative green design concepts such as mosaic design and green roofing, which can make a real difference to the appearance and functionality of a workplace. The stories and articles will be updated regularly to ensure you always have fresh content to keep you entertained.

Kitchen Makeovers: With the launch of Brand News, you will be able to get up close and personal with some of the world’s top design gurus. You will be able to see them in action and get inspired by their creativity and beauty. Brand News will feature not only the kitchen design professionals, but also famous chefs and restaurants. The showroom will feature inspiring ideas on renovating kitchens and bath units as well as design tips on everything from new flooring to green design.

Bathrooms and Green Living: Brand News will feature stories and articles focusing on innovative and modern bathroom and green living. Stories will include how to create the perfect blend of functionality with eco-friendliness by incorporating unique tiles and high-tech fixtures. Learn how to create your own unique oasis with the use of mosaic design or green roofing. You will see how to turn an old bathroom into a contemporary oasis with the use of floor tiles and countertops that are environmentally friendly. If it is tile you crave most, Brand News will feature the latest in organic tile technology. Brand News will also focus on remodels and home renovations including Tuscan kitchens and green design.

Bath Dealers and Suppliers: The showroom will feature a number of leading bath dealers and suppliers. These include brands like Smog, Roper Rhodes and ThyssenKrupp Access. There will be a number of informative displays featuring all the latest bath accessories and supplies. This will include practical items such as hand towels and soap. Other accessories include steam evaporators, floor tiles and grout and the newest trend in decorating bathrooms and kitchen islands is a custom island.

Kitchen Makeovers: If it is your dream kitchen, you will want to take a look at the showroom to find out what is available. The showroom will feature innovative designs from top design brands such as Smog, Roper Rhodes and ThyssenKrupp Access. You can look at your existing kitchen and bath or bathroom and see what has the potential to make it better. If you do not want a full kitchen renovation, you can look at the showroom’s wide range of ready to install cabinets and countertops.

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