Biden Administration Staffers Seen Partying, Drinking, Laughing on Eisenhower Executive Office Building Balcony as Maui Burns | The Gateway Pundit

** The border is wide open.
** Over 7 million illegal aliens have walked across the border into our country in 3 years.
** China is flooding our streets with fentanyl.
** This week is the anniversary of the disastrous surrender to the Taliban including weaponizing the terror group with $80 billion in US weapons.
** Inflation is still sucking the life out of the middle class.
** Gas prices have doubled in three years.
** The US is in serious threat of losing our dollar dominance.
** The White House filed an amicus brief this week to kill free speech in America.
** The current regime has charged the former president with speech crimes and over 25 of his closest allies.
** And Maui is burning.

So what is the Brandon administration doing?

They’re drinking, partying and laughing on the balcony.

Natalie Winters posted this on Twitter – her Hunger Games moment.

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