Biden and Fetterman Had a "Discussion" in PA This Week But No One Was Permitted to Record It

(Notice in the above picture, Brandon has no idea that Fetterman has no idea what he is talking about.  The others look on in shock.  Fetterman’s wife acts as his handler.)

Everyone who is around Brandon looks so uncomfortable because they are afraid of what he might say or do.  You can see it in the faces of anyone who comes near him.  Everyone but Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor and Senate candidate John Fetterman.  Fetterman has no idea what anyone is saying. 

This past week the Democrat Party promoted two of their best.  Brandon, their horribly corrupt and senile commander-in-chief, and John Fetterman, a man who has no idea what you or anyone is saying.

Brandon again this week showed his inability to know what was going on in multiple incidents.

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Jesse Watters at FOX News covered an incident where Brandon got lost in an interview.  His interviewer had that horrible look that people have when they realize Brandon is on another planet.

Scary. Brandon Completely Loses Train of Thought, Stops Talking During Interview – Jesse Watters Left Gobsmacked (VIDEO)

Brandon also forgot again which way to go after finishing a speech at a location where he had no idea where he was at.

VIDEO: Brandon Gets Lost – Can’t Find His Way Off Stage Again – And Fake News Continues to Ignore This

Fetterman a few weeks ago had an interview where it came out that he can’t understand anything anyone is saying to him since his recent stroke.

MSNBC on Interview with Fetterman After His Massive Stroke: “He Had a Hard Time Understanding Our Conversations” (VIDEO)

So it really comes as no surprise that the “conversation” between the senile and lost Brandon and John Fetterman was not recorded.  PJ Media reports:

On a quasi-related note, the Caller also said that Brandon and Fetterman did have a conversation at a reception on Thursday. No one was permitted to record it. No need to ask why. Fetterman’s disability would have made him impossible to understand. Brandon would have told a folksy story about how when he was a Puerto Rican child growing up in Phnom Penh, he and his father would get up at 4:00 in the morning to rescue abandoned giraffes.

And why not? It isn’t as if Brandon could get any less credible at this point.

The state of the union is a mess in part because the Democrats and their corrupt leadership are lost. 

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