Biden Attacks Trump, Claims Republicans are Blocking His Effort to Lower Gas and Food Prices in Unhinged Ohio Speech (VIDEO)

Brandon on Wednesday traveled to Cleveland Ohio to deliver remarks on his American Rescue Plan at Max Hayes High School.

Brandon attacked Trump, blamed Vladimir Putin for high gas prices and soaring food costs – while simultaneously claiming the Republicans are blocking his efforts to lower prices.

“We all remember what the economy was like when I was elected, a country in a pandemic with no real plans how to get out of it. Millions of people out of their jobs… The previous administration lost more jobs on his watch than any administration since Herbert Hoover,” Brandon said attacking Trump with lies.

“We made incredible progress on the economy from where we were a year-and-a-half ago. We’ve got a long way to go because of inflation, because of the, I call it the Putin tax increase, the Putin, because of gasoline… I’m fighting like hell to lower costs on things,” Brandon said.

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More lies.

Brandon then claimed Republican lawmakers are obstructing his efforts to bring down prices.

“Republicans do nothing but obstruct our effort to lower your gas taxes, lower your food prices, lower your healthcare costs, lower your prescription drug costs,” Brandon said.

This is brazen even for a serial liar and lifelong grifter like Brandon.


At the end of Brandon’s speech he coughed into his hand then shook hands with attendees.



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