Biden Book Author Sells Less than 10,000 Copies - It Was So Bad He Skipped Book Tour - But 81 MILLION Votes! | The Gateway Pundit

The author of Brandon’s book “Lucky” sold so few copies that he did not even tour with it. Recent books about Brandon and his wife have failed to sell at all.

Jonathan Alan, the author of “Lucky” how Brandon won (stole) the 2020 election was only able to sell 10,000 books and skipped his tour.

Yet, they want us to believe this groper got 81 million votes!
Sorry, we’re still not buying it.

Rob Schmitt: Three hundred thousand copies of his 2016 New York Times bestseller Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s doomed campaign actually sold fewer than 10,000 copies of a more recent book about Brandon called “Lucky: How Brandon Barely Won the Presidency.” He was Lucky. Also thanks to the DOJ and other people that pushed him across the finish line, that book didn’t even make it to the New York Times bestseller after he sold 125,000 on one on Hillary Clinton.

(Jonathan) Alan didn’t even bother to go on tour with it. Admits he no longer plans to write another book on Brandon. I bet. Meanwhile, some of the most recent books on Brandon have barely broke 5000 copies. Like “The Long Alliance” sold less than 1,500 copies, and Jill Brandon’s Biography sold fewer than 2500 copies.!

It’s a bit suspicious, isn’t it, when they ell you how popular of a president he is and how many people voted for him!

Via Rob Schmitt Reports on Newsmax and Midnight Rider:

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