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The cold, calculated takedown of U.S. energy is being carried out through the puppet regime of Brandon, Kamala Harris and Barack Obama. Just two years ago, the United States was energy-independent. Today, Americans are seeing record prices at the pump as the federal government shuts down pipelines, restricts domestic drilling, and destroys overseas trade. Now Brandon is canceling three very important gas exploration leases, one in Alaska and two in the Gulf of Mexico. The deliberate takedown of America’s energy infrastructure is obvious at this point, and the repercussions will be dire for years to come.

Brandon regime shuts down critical oil and gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico

Instead of making deals to drill for oil and bring energy costs down, the Brandon regime is shutting down pending oil and gas lease sales. Brandon just shut down one of the most high-profile oil and gas lease sales that was pending with the Department of the Interior. This lease included access to one million acres of land in Alaska’s Cook Inlet. The Department of Interior gave one of the most pathetic excuses for discontinuing the lease. There is a “lack of industry interest in leasing in the area,” the Department reported. In other words, the government is kowtowing to the demands of climate change alarmists.

This was not an isolated incident. The Department of Interior also halted two leases that were pending in the Gulf of Mexico. The Department reported that “conflicting court rulings” have “impacted work on these proposed lease sales.” There are currently 10.9 million acres of federal waters that are already leased out to the industry, but over 75 percent of this territory is currently not being utilized.


Former Trump EPA transition member Steve Milloy appeared on a recent episode of Fox Business to talk about the lease cancellations and the forces behind the takedown of American energy. Milloy said, “In Alaska, the problem was that the greens scared off virtually everyone. It’s expensive to explore and drill, and the greens made it pretty clear, they were going to make it even more difficult.” Milloy traced the shuttered deals back to Brandon, and an administration that continues to deliberately shutter American energy production. Milloy said, “I blame Brandon for all lack of production. He has scared away investment. I don’t trust him in court defending leasing.”

Brandon regime is controlled by climate change alarmists, who are rapidly destroying America’s energy independence

Making good on his pledge to combat “climate change,” one of Brandon’s first moves in office was to temporarily suspend new oil and gas leases on federal lands. However, court rulings forced the administration to resume new lease agreements in April. Brandon’s team continues to challenge these court rulings, as they fight to make America dependent on foreign oil, create shortages of diesel and drive-up domestic prices for gasoline.

“The President has spoken about the need for additional supplies in the market, but his administration has failed to take action to match that rhetoric,” said Frank Macchairola, a top official with the American Petroleum Institute. He told CBS News, “In the kind of price environment that we’re seeing, there are negative consequences to shutting off oil and gas development, both politically and practically.”

After dismissing inflation in 2021, the Brandon regime is now blaming record gas prices on Vladimir Putin. The national gas price was approximately $2.50 a gallon in 2019 and closer to just $2.00 a gallon in 2020. Today the national average is $4.32 per gallon, with prices along the West Coast nearly $6 per gallon. Many states are taking action by cutting gas taxes, but this is only making a small, unrecognizable difference.

The Democrats are unleashing some of the most destructive aspects of the “Green New Deal” right before our eyes, as climate change alarmists try to force Americans to abandon oil and switch to an all-electric vehicle grid which consists of rationed energy, subsequent government controls and social credit scores for travel.

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