Joe Biden Can't Keep His Paws Off Little Girl at White House Hanukkah Ceremony (VIDEO)

He just can’t help himself.

Joe and Dr. Jill Monday evening hosted a Hanukkah reception that included a menorah lighting and blessing.

“This year’s Hanukkah arrives in the midst of rising and emboldened of antisemitism at home and, quite frankly, around the world. I recognize your fear, your hurt, your worry that this vile and venom is becoming too normal,” Brandon said Monday night from the Grand Foyer.

“As your president, I want to make this clear. Silence is complicity. We must not remain silent. And I made no bones about it from the very beginning: I will not be silent. America will not be silent,” Brandon said.

After lighting the White House menorah, Brandon turned his sights on children standing next to the lectern.

Brandon couldn’t keep his paws off of a little girl.

Brandon claimed the children asked him how he became president.

Brandon made the menorah lighting about himself and rambled on about his run for the White House.


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