Biden Caught in Another Bold-Faced Lie - His Administration Said He Watched Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings

It is getting so bad that now seemingly every day Brandon and his Administration are caught in another lie.  It’s bad.

Last week it seemed that every day Brandon was caught saying one or more things that were shocking and needed to be addressed by the gang running his Administration.  It got so bad that the foreign press is calling him “frail, doddery and confused”:

“The Words ‘Frail, Doddery and Confused’ Really Do Apply to the Resident of the White House” – Foreign Press After Brandon’s Visit to Europe

Everything that Brandon says now must be vetted by his handlers.  Last week Brandon claimed US troops were going into Ukraine and Putin should be taken out.  Every day his Administration was dealing with statements like this.

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In a video in a tweet released yesterday as reported at Twitchy, Brandon says that he never watched the Katanji Brown Jackson hearings.  But his staff claimed that Brandon did watch the hearings and claimed he:

…watched portions of judge Jackson’s hearings yesterday and today… Her dedication to following the facts, the law, and our Constitution, as an independent judge is clear. He was also moved by the grace and dignity she has shown…

These people are so dishonest they are now caught in major lies seemingly every day.    

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