Biden Claims Federal Government Spending Taxpayer Dollars 'Buying American Products' After Paying China $1.3 Billion For Covid Tests (VIDEO)

Feeble Brandon was over an hour late to deliver remarks on the January jobs report on Friday.

The US Government claimed that Brandon gained 467,000 jobs last month. A total that doubles the highest of 78 experts expectations.

These numbers are crazy when compared to ADP’s report from two days ago showing a loss of (301,000) jobs in January. The BLS numbers today are 768,000 more than ADP’s results.  But then again, ADP’s numbers are based on actual jobs data.

Zero Hedge has an in-depth analysis of the January voodoo payroll numbers and November, December BLS revisions.

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Brandon shuffled out an hour late and bragged about job creation in the first year of his presidency.

“Look how many jobs we’ve created…it’s never happened before. Look, history’s been made here,” said Brandon.

Lies upon lies upon lies.

Then Brandon claimed the federal government is spending taxpayer dollars ‘buying American products’ after paying China $1.3 billion for Covid tests.

Brandon is in debt to China because his crack-addicted son’s private equity firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, received a $1.2 billion infusion from the Bank of China.

Hunter Brandon was able to ink a deal with China — something the best hedge fund managers in the world were never able to do.

It’s pay back time so Brandon is giving your money to China after they unleashed Covid on the world.

Joe Brandon awarded a $1.3 billion contract to a Chinese company that manufactures Covid tests.


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