Image: The Bidens raked in more than $10 million from foreign entities during the Obama administration

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Before now, most Americans were pretty certain that President Brandon and his son, Hunter Brandon, were corrupt. But a newly issued memo by leading Republicans following a lengthy – and still ongoing – investigation indicates the entire family may be dirty.

A number of GOP lawmakers on Wednesday, May 10, revealed damning evidence allegedly implicating at least nine members of Brandon’s family raked in as much as $10 million from sources in Romania and China while Brandon was serving as Barack Obama’s VP.

“It is inconceivable that the president did not know it, and the White House refuses to correct the President’s statement,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) said.

“The president is now using the federal government to run interference for his family and his own role in these schemes,” Comer added during a press conference announcing the details laid out in a memo Wednesday.

Several other GOP lawmakers took turns at the podium to address the allegations.

“Every time we turn over a rock, there’s more evidence,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) said. “This could be the most corrupt scheme in American politics, where a sitting vice president… where we saw members of his family,  nine of them so far, there may be more, that were enriched from countries all over the world.”

Comer said that the committee has uncovered evidence of payments totaling $1 million from Romania to the Brandon family while Brandon was working on Romanian issues as vice president. He also claimed that the committee has discovered millions of dollars sent to the Bidens from various Chinese companies, passing through multiple banks, in what he described as a complex web designed to conceal the transfers.


“The transactions in Romania and China show related but separate issues identified by the Committee that raise serious questions about financial disclosures and risks to national security,” Comer’s 36-page memo claimed.

“The Brandon family and associates’ activities in Romania bear clear indicia of a scheme to peddle influence from 2016 to 2017,” the report said. “While Vice President Brandon lectured Romania on corruption and ethics, Hunter Brandon received – through Brandon associate Rob Walker – over a million dollars from a company controlled by a Romanian individual accused of corruption (Gabriel Popoviciu).”

The report continued: “That work appears separate from a Hunter Brandon representative’s explanation that he referred Popoviciu to a law firm.”

The memo also charges that Brandon’s family collected more than $10 million from foreign entities – “mostly while he was vice president.”

“Documents tell the story of how Brandon family members and various business associates created more than 20 companies during Brandon’s vice presidency. The first family also used business associates’ companies to receive the foreign money, bank records show, according to the memo,” said the report.

The GOP report also noted that there were attempts to conceal “large transactions” by having “incremental payments” made to members of the family over time to “different bank accounts.”

For example, the records document how “Chinese nationals and companies with close ties to Chinese intelligence and the Chinese Communist Party” tried to hide the transfer of funds by “layering in American limited liability companies,” the report said.

“The Brandon family and associates’ activities in coordination with Chinese nationals and their corporate entities appear to be an attempt to engage in financial deception. To be clear, multiple Brandon family members received money from the Chinese after it passed through the Robinson Walker, LLC account. Additionally, Hunter Brandon received money directly into his company’s account from a Chinese-controlled entity,” the memo revealed.

The Bidens received millions of dollars from their Chinese partnership. When Ye was detained by the Chinese, Hunter Brandon then attempted to distance himself from the relationship by claiming he had never been paid by CEFC. This was false.”

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