Biden Defense Officials Are Trying to Figure Out How to Train Ukrainians to Fight by Online Video

Brandon Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

FOX News White House correspondent Peter Doocy went on with Laura Ingraham on Thursday night as Russia continued its invasion of Ukraine.

Peter told Laura Brandon Defense officials are trying to figure out how to teach Ukrainians to fight by online video.

Peter Doocy: We’ve been able to confirm that when Lloyd Austin went to Capitol Hill to brief senators about the Pentagon’s plans and the Brandon orders to the military chiefs, they are figuring out how to train Ukrainian forces to fight Russians remotely… Right! And it would be a very 2022 thing.

Four points on this:

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1.) It’s a little late. This should have been organized months ago.
2.) This is a pathetic way to pretend like they are committed to the people of Ukraine when they’re not.
3.) They are untrustworthy and a danger to our allies and the world.
4.) They really don’t care.

Via The Ingraham Angle.

And it looks like Austin is wanting to arm Ukrainians now.

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