Joe Biden Doesn't Know How Long He's Been President, Claims he Wrote the Infrastructure Law with His "Own Paw" (VIDEO)

Brandon on Thursday traveled to Portland, Oregon to talk about infrastructure and improvements.

Brandon is underwater in Oregon, a state he supposedly won in 2020.

63% have a negative opinion about Brandon according to a new Oregon Public Broadcasting poll.

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Brandon’s speech was full of lies and gaffes, as usual.

Brandon repeated his favorite lies:

  • Putin’s gas price hike
  • Brandon claims he spent time in the “foothills of Tibet” with Xi Jinping (Washington Post gave Brandon 3 Pinocchios)
  • Rising Gas prices were a discussion at the dinner table when Brandon was a child (gas prices were flat Brandon’s entire childhood)

Brandon bizarrely claimed he wrote the original infrastructure bill with his “own paw.”


Brandon doesn’t how long he has been in office as president.


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