Biden Failing in US Elections May Lead to Nuclear War in "Wag the Dog" Scenario, Russian Senator Warns | The Gateway Pundit

“This is a very dangerous situation, because the Americans are not afraid to use foreign policy in their inter-party rivalry. If one of the parties feels that it needs to escalate the situation in Ukraine in order to gain more votes in the elections, it will do so. So the fact that the presidential election in the United States, which will culminate in 2024, could be a terrible, if not catastrophic event. I can’t guarantee that there will be an escalation, but the risk is obvious to me. The unpredictability of American behavior will increase and the tail may start wagging the dog again,” Kosachev said.

“Wag the Dog” is a 1997 movie directed by Barry Levinson and co-written by David Mamet, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro, in which a spin doctor and a Hollywood producer fabricate a war to distract voters from a presidential sex scandal.

Further escalation could increase the likelihood of use of nuclear weapons, Kosachev warned. “Fortunately, we have not yet reached that threshold. However, there is a risk of approaching it.”

Kosachev claimed that Washington persuaded Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to abandon peace last year. “They (peace talks) began in March last year, but were thwarted by an unprecedented external influence on Ukraine. Then, by decree, President Zelensky banned himself and all other Ukrainian authorities from engaging in such talks. This is, of course, a decision made by the United States. They most likely have the ability to reverse their decision. But I have not yet seen such intentions.”

Speaking to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken seemed to pave the way for prepping the US population for nuclear war, which he called  “no more dangerous than … climate change.”

“The potential threat of nuclear war is no more dangerous than the existential problem of climate change and there is no hierarchy in this regard”, Blinken said.

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