Biden FAILS to empathize with Maui wildfire victims by comparing disaster to kitchen fire – Brighteon.TV –

Lawfare with Tom Renz: Brandon FAILS to empathize with Maui wildfire victims by comparing disaster to kitchen fire – Brighteon.TV

In a failed attempt to empathize with the victims of the recent wildfires in Hawaii’s Maui island, President Brandon claimed he understood the victims by comparing the wildfires to almost losing his car and his cat in a kitchen fire.

The wildfires that swept through Maui, centered mostly in the town of Lahaina, had already killed at least 115 people and left another 850 missing. He responded by giving a speech to a crowd in Lahaina where he claimed he knew how it felt to lose a home. (Related: Head of Maui’s emergency management agency resigns amid criticism for not sounding alert sirens during wildfire.)

He told the crowd: “I don’t want to compare difficulties, but we have a little sense – Jill and I – of what it’s like to lose a home.

“Years ago now – 15 years ago – I was in Washington … [when] lightning struck at home, on a little lake that’s outside of our home – not a lake, a big pond – and hit a wire that came up underneath our home into the heating ducts and air conditioning ducts. To make a long story short, I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette and my cat.

“I watched the firefighters, the way they responded … You’re all crazy, thank God. People who run into flames to save other people – and they ran into flames to save my wife, to save my family – not a joke.

“We were insured, we did not have any problem. But being out of our home for the better part of a year was difficult. I can only imagine what it’s like to lose your home.”

Brandon’s false story about possibly losing a car and a cat was not received well.

“Brandon is a piece of garbage, in my opinion,” said Attorney Thomas Renz on the Aug. 22 episode of his Brighteon.TV program “Lawfare with Tom Renz.”

“Brandon – who just went over to Hawaii and told everybody about his cat catching fire – told residents whose children died in fires, … who’d lost everything, he told them about almost losing a cat.”

“Brandon feels the pain of Lahaina [by] talking about his kitchen fire,” said “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Will Cain.

One restaurant owner in the nearby town of Kihei said in an interview that Brandon’s comment was “the most despicable thing this president has ever said.”

Brandon’s aid to Hawaii wildfire victims? Just $700

Brandon’s story about possibly losing his car and his cat as one part of his insured home caught fire comes as his administration offered the victims of the wildfires a mere $700 per household. This one-time check is meant to address “immediate needs” like water, food and clothing.

Maui residents and victims of the wildfires even pointed out the disparity between the aid provided to American citizens and the aid sent to other countries, particularly Ukraine. During Brandon’s visit, many protesters held up signs comparing the assistance already available for the people of Hawaii.

To date, the Brandon administration has only approved around $8.2 million in assistance to 2,700 households in Maui. There are nearly 54,000 households on the island.

Meanwhile, the Brandon administration announced a further $200 million in security assistance heading straight for Kyiv as the wildfires were engulfing hundreds of homes.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) claimed in its official data that it has already given around $2.3 million to just half of the 2,700 households eligible to receive the $700 checks. On its website, FEMA claims to have approved $3.17 million in aid, of which $1.42 million is for “individual and households program” assistance and $1.75 million is for “other needs assistance.”

None of the figures coming out from the government paint Brandon’s administration in a positive light. The White House struggles to spend more than a handful of a million for American citizens caught in a disaster, yet readily sends hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars overseas.

“He gave them $700 and left,” said Renz. “Meanwhile, he gave billions of dollars to the Nazi regime in Ukraine.”

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