Biden Gang Took $1.9 Billion for Wall and Spent It on "Environmental Restoration" and "Community Consultation"

The Brandon Administration has unilaterally moved $1.9 billion that was set aside for protecting Americans and the country and is spending it in some wasteful and unknown manner.

Brandon’s OMB Director Shalanda Young wouldn’t say exactly where $1.9 billion in taxpayer money went but it was clear that it didn’t spend it on the construction of a border wall that would protect Americans.  In response to questioning, Ms. Young finally said what the Brandon gang did with the money.

We’re actually doing environmental restoration, something that was woefully lacking.  We’re also doing community consultation.  I think that’s important to many of you who represent constituents.

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Where did $1.9 billion really go?  What do ‘environmental restoration and community consultation really mean?  This sounds like Brandon took the money and gave it to whoever they wanted, including perhaps 10% for the Big Guy.

The Brandon gang isn’t concerned about millions of unchecked illegal immigrants entering the country or who they might be. They show that they have no concern about whether these individuals are terrorists or not. Their border is open. The rest of the country has to go through immigration upon entering the country, but illegals at the border do not.

However, the Brandon Administration says it has given some of these illegals COVID shots.

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