Angry Maui Fire Survivors Let Loose With Middle Fingers and F-Bombs at Joe Biden as Motorcade Passes (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon and his media handlers got a taste of how the American people feel about the failed, corrupt Brandon presidency during Joe’s extended vacation in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. On Friday, Brandon was loudly booed by a crowd of people as he addressed reporters outside a Pilates spa in Lake Tahoe. On Saturday, motorists in Carson City who were caught in traffic stopped for Brandon’s departing motorcade gave Brandon the finger as he passed by headed to the airport in Reno, according to a press pool report.

Screen image from viral video of Brandon’s arrival in Maui, August 21, 2023.

Last Monday, Brandon was booed and given the finger when he arrived in Maui to inspect the fire ravaged town of Lahaina after taking two vacations and repeatedly saying “no comment” when asked about the fire.

Brandon had been staying with his family at the Lake Tahoe mansion of Democrat billionaire and 2020 rival Tom Steyer since a week ago Friday. Brandon was originally scheduled to depart on Thursday but the vacation was extended two days at the last minute. Brandon’s departure on Saturday was moved up several hours from the afternoon to late morning without explanation.

The White House claimed Brandon was paying “fair market value” to rent the Steyer mansion. Last week neighbors filed complaints with county officials alleging the rental was in violation of county rules with Steyer facing a potential fine of $20,000.

Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson posted from the pool report Saturday, “Brandon flying back to Washington from Tahoe. From print pool: “Along the way [to the airport]…As we drove by where traffic was at a standstill in Carson City, your pooler saw several people gesturing with their middle fingers, while others waved.”

No video or photos from Carson City have been posted as of yet. Here are videos from Friday in Lake Tahoe and Monday in Maui.

A Reno local with a sense of humor posted some nice photos of Air Force One on the tarmac at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

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