"Joe Biden Has Never Met a Bribe He Didn't Like - It's Always Opposite Day with the Media" - Kari Lake Trashes Media and Biden Crime Family Following Devon Archer's Testimony (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Popular Republican Kari Lake went on with Rob Schmitt on Newsmax on Thursday following Trump’s latest arraignment on speech crimes in Washington DC.

On Thursday the House Oversight Committee also released the transcript of Hunter Brandon’s associate Devon Archer to the House Oversight Committee.

As expected the fake news mainstream media covered 12 seconds on the Devon Archer testimony that completely indicted the entire Brandon Crime Family. But that same fake news media spent 111 minutes and 57 seconds on the latest Trump indictments for speech violations.

Kari Lake weighed in on the latest media lies.

Kari Lake: Yeah, it’s like they think we’re know or we’re cats with a laser pointer and they try to distract us over here so we don’t look over here. And what is going on in the White House is beyond egregious. It’s criminal behavior. And we’re sitting here wondering who’s really in control of the White House, because Brandon has never met a bribe he didn’t like. He’ll take a bribe from Burisma, from Ukraine, from the CCP, we have evidence of it. We’ve got the evidence of the 20 shell companies that they’re operating through to funnel the money in. Can you imagine for 1 second if even half of this story broke on the Trump family, they would be losing their minds. And it’s always opposite day with the media.

Via Rob Schmitt Tonight.

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