"Decision to Abort a Child"

Feeble Brandon has been hiding at the White House since he got back from Saudi Arabia late Saturday evening.

Brandon snapped at reporters on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews late Saturday night then disappeared.

Brandon shuffled into the White House Saturday night and was seen walking out of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in DC on Sunday.

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Brandon had no public events scheduled for Sunday , Monday or Tuesday, according to his public schedule.

Kamala Harris took charge on Monday while the incapacitated vegetable hid at the White House.

The trip to the Middle East, which accomplished nothing for the US, took a toll on Brandon.

Perhaps his handlers are pumping him full of pills and meds to help him recover from the long flight and grueling schedule.

Brandon’s advisors and aides were forced to field questions about his disastrous trip to the Middle East on Monday.

White House spox Karine Jean-Pierre will be holding a press briefing on Tuesday.

Meanwhile the stenographers in the media are acting like it’s totally normal that Brandon has been hiding from the public for days following a trip to the Middle East.

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