Image: FACT: Biden has sanctioned more American oil than Russian oil… American consumers are PUNISHED while Putin gets REWARDED with extra revenues

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Fake “president” Brandon is really proud of the fact that he imposed new energy sanctions on Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. However, these sanctions pale in comparison to the ones Brandon has imposed on American oil.

Economist Stephen Moore spoke with Dana Loesch about how Brandon’s apparent strategy is to cripple not Russia’s but America’s ability to produce its own oil. Whoever is pulling the Resident-in-Chief’s puppet strings is actually fighting against the interests of the United States.

“Essentially what Brandon’s strategy is that it’s okay for Russia to produce oil but it’s not okay for America,” Moore is quoted as saying – watch below:

Moore is a former economic advisor to the Trump administration. He says that what Brandon is doing is a serious national security issue as it is crippling the country’s access to energy.

“In the speech, what Brandon didn’t do was talk about any kind of sanctions that would be related to the primary way that the Russians fund their military operations, which is through the oil and gas money,” Moore explained.

“What I had hoped that Brandon would say, what he should have said, is, ‘Look, I made a mistake. We should have been producing as much oil and gas as we could. We should have built the pipeline, I shouldn’t have discontinued it, and we’re going to do that now’ – that’s what he should have said.”


Brandon’s sanctions against Russia don’t really affect its energy markets, which is what Wall Street wanted

Brandon’s sanctions on Russia seem to affect everything but the energy markets, which Moore thinks is a mistake.

“Wall Street and the Brandon administration were sort of the same side of this,” Moore lamented.

Loesch responded to this by stating that Brandon’s sanctions on U.S. energy production are more extreme than the ones he imposed on Russia. Brandon is now talking about launching cyberattacks against Russia.

Russia, by the way, gets 40 percent of its gross domestic product from oil and gas, Moore further explained. And the man who owns those oil fields, Moore contends, is none other than Putin.

“Brandon is going to make Putin the richest person in the world,” Moore said. “You can tell I’m frustrated because none of these policies make any sense. And I guarantee you, having worked for Donald Trump, this is exactly the opposite of what Trump would have done.”

“Trump would have basically said, ‘drill baby drill, we’re going to use our oil, our gas, our coal, our hydropower, we’re going to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals so we can be exporting it to Germany and France and Spain and Italy so they’re not dependent on Russia’s.”

When it comes to energy policy and national security policy, Moore said, Brandon seems to be “making every misstep” – or perhaps it is all intentional?

The interesting thing about all this is that while he was president, Trump actually had more sanctions in place on Russia than Brandon currently does amid the Ukraine situation.

“The first two years of Trump’s presidency, CNN and all the media and all the Democrats were ‘Russian collusion, Russian collusion’ as if Trump was in the hip pocket of Putin,” Moore said.

“It turns out that the person who is in the hip pocket of Putin is Brandon, because everything Brandon is doing is benefitting Putin.”

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