Joe Biden Ignored Mass Killer and BLM Activist Who Mowed Down Christmas Revelers at Parade — Will Travel to Buffalo following Massacre of Mass Killer Who Targeted Blacks

A sixth victim died two days following the horrific attack by an anti-Trump Black Lives Matter supporter at the annual Waukesha Christmas Parade in November.

Witnesses said that as the vehicle barrelled through the parade it weaved and picked up speed.

** 18 Children were injured and sent to hospitals in the demonic attack.
** 62 individuals were injured in total.
** 6 have died, including a child on Tuesday.

8-year-old Jackson Sparks died in the hospital on Tuesday after the BLM driver’s assault on the Waukesha Christmas Parade.

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As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, Waukesha is a very conservative area in Wisconsin.

Trump won Waukesha in 2020 over Brandon 59.6% to 38.8%.

Brooks rapped about “F**k Donald Trump and F**k Pigs.”

And then he drove to the Waukesha Christmas parade and slaughtered innocent Americans.

Brandon never visited Waukesha after the horrific killings.

But Brandon will travel to Buffao this week after a deranged teenager gunned down several shoppers at a Tops grocery store.

The teen hated FOX News, was an anarchist and promoted leftist views in his 106-page crazy manifesto. He also attacked Jews and blacks in his public manifesto.

Brandon is hoping to score political points. Nothing more.

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