Joe Biden Insults Latinos at Cinco de Mayo Event at White House (VIDEO)

Joe and Jill Brandon on Thursday hosted a Cinco de Mayo reception with Beatriz Gutiérrez Mueller de López Obrador, the wife of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

As usual, Brandon just can’t get through an event without saying something stupid or putting his foot in his mouth.

“25 out of every 100 children in grades kindergarten through senior in high school speak Spanish…and we’ll conquer and honor and lift up all those folks who in fact, are, have gotten in the way,” said Brandon.

Brandon insulted Latinos at the end of his Cinco de Mayo speech by saying this about Mexico: “It’s not our backyard, it’s our front yard”

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“US speechwriters should avoid any reference to a “yard” when talking about Mexico/LatAm. The metaphor in Spanish isn’t flattering.” Editor of Mexico Today said.


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