Joe Biden Looks Like a Corpse at the Beach | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon on Wednesday hit the beach again after taking a leisurely bike ride in Rehoboth Beach.

Brandon has spent nearly a full year of his presidency – 363 days – on vacation with no visitor logs.

The Bidens were spotted on the shoreline relaxing as the DOJ works to jail Brandon’s top political rival Donald Trump.

Brandon looked like a corpse.

Earlier this week Brandon was spotted at the beach with his shirt off as Hunter’s close friend and business associate Devon Archer testified before the House Oversight Committee on the Brandon family crimes.

Brandon looked frail, old and lost.

The 80-year-old shuffled around shirtless on the beach by himself nobody cared.

Last month Brandon went shirtless at the beach and no one paid attention.

But he totally got 81 million votes.

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