Joe Biden Rambles About Biracial Couples in Commercials on Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Brandon on Wednesday arrived in Los Angeles, California to tape an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

And it was a total dumpster fire.

Brandon hasn’t had an interview with a member of the press in 4 months but he had time to sit down with a late night tv host.

79-year-old Brandon began rambling about biracial couples in tv advertisements.

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“Turn on the TV, look at the ads. When’s the last time you saw biracial couples on TV? When’s the last time you saw the way, I mean, people are selling products, they do ads and sell products. And they sell products when people, they appeal to people,” said Brandon.



This isn’t the first time Brandon has made these kinds of comments on biracial couples in commercials.

Recall, Brandon dropped this gem during a CNN presidential town hall last year: “Did you ever five years ago think every second or third ad out of five or six should turn out to be biracial couples? No, no I’m not, I’m not be facetious..”

Even leftist Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help him. Brandon started mumbling so bad and was so lost that Kimmel had to cut to commercials.

Brandon started off saying there’s a lot of “major things” he’s done, he just hasn’t “been able to communicate it in a way that is, uh, um…” And, it went downhill from there.

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