Image: Biden regime prepared to once again escalate war in Ukraine with another upgraded weapons package

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The Brandon regime is once again moving to escalate the war in Ukraine, as Russia is reportedly massing troops for a new offensive to regain lost ground.

According to Reuters, the regime is preparing a new arms package that is slated to include rockets with a range of nearly 95 miles, which is almost double the range of rockets previously provided the Ukrainians via the HIMARS rocket systems.

The $2 billion package, according to a pair of unnamed U.S. officials, will supply Kyiv’s forces with longer-range Boeing-made Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB)s for the first time. The report said the package could be announced any day now as another Democratic regime prepares to embroil the country in yet another foreign war.

The officials stated that the GLSDB munitions will be supplied under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, allowing the Defense Department to buy arms for Kyiv’s troops. Weapons that are provided under the program could actually take months or even years to deliver as they are based on contract awards and it’s possible they will need to be manufactured.

This comes on the heels of an agreement to supply Ukraine with M1 Abrams main battle tanks. The 31-tank transfer won’t take place anytime soon, however, because they have to be manufactured.

That said, Boeing has been prepping for months to begin producing GLSDBs for Ukraine. In November, Reuters reported that the Brandon regime was considering sending the weapons to Kyiv and noted that they would likely be ready to ship by spring. The system has been under development since the middle of the Trump administration. It combines small-diameter bombs with the M26 rocket motor that is widely available in U.S. military stocks and inventories.


One other thing: The fact that Boeing has been preparing for months tells us that the regime 1) knew this war would last; 2) was preparing to get more deeply involved in it; and 3) is still beholden to the “military-industrial complex.”

But of course, sending longer-range missiles does not come without risk. Russian officials have increasingly groused about U.S. and NATO weapons being shifted to Ukraine as the country’s death and casualty rate from the war continues to skyrocket. Reports say that estimates put Russian military deaths at more than 110,000 and three times that many wounded.

The commitment to send the new munitions is the latest escalation by the Brandon White House, which appears dead-set on getting American and NATO troops involved in what has become a World War I-type of deadly conflict with a 21st-century twist. notes further:

The new weapons package is expected to include $1.725 billion in USAI funds that will go toward the GLSDB as well as HAWK air defense systems, counter-drone systems, counter artillery radars, communications equipment, PUMA surveillance drones, and spare parts for Patriot air defense systems and Bradleys.

The package might also include $400 million for the Presidential Drawdown Authority, which allows President Brandon to send Ukraine weapons directly from US military stockpiles. The drawdown package will likely include mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs), guided multiple launch rocket systems (GMLRS), and other ammunition.

“There was also a significant amount of medical equipment — enough to equip three field hospitals being donated by another ally,” one official said, Reuters noted further. “The U.S. has sent approximately $27.2 billion worth of security assistance to Ukraine since Russia’s February 2022 invasion. Russia calls the invasion a ‘special operation.’”

Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, noted this week that the efforts to continue supplying Ukraine are fruitless:

While the prostituted propaganda media absurdly claims that Russia is retreating and NATO forces are winning the war in Ukraine, the truth is far more sobering: NATO has already lost the war with Russia. Here’s how we know:

A land war with a major military power is a long, drawn out slug fest that requires the sustained expenditure of enormous quantities of munitions: Artillery shells, rockets, missiles, small arms cartridges and so on.

To supply these munitions, a fighting force needs to be backed by a strong munitions manufacturing infrastructure or have huge stockpiles that can sustain the war while supplies are depleted. The United States has neither. No sufficiently large stockpiles and no existing munitions manufacturing infrastructure that can keep pace with Russia, which at times has expended up to 20,000 artillery rounds per day. (Note: The existing munitions infrastructure in the United States can’t even churn out that many rounds in a full month of production…)

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